Stone Wedding

They say that love moves mountains. Sixty-five years together is a clear example of this – you are celebrating a stone wedding. This piece of life together shows a strong bond in marriage that is rock solid. You’ve had a huge chunk of your life through the rocky road, but you’re proud to have all these little stones combined into one.

You watch your children grow as they orient themselves over time towards a happy family life. And it’s mostly to your credit because you are setting the right example for them, whether in the form of a strong marriage bond or in the security of the family circle.

stone wedding
One of the possible gifts for a stone wedding – sapphire jewellery

Stone Wedding – Gifts

There are several ways to celebrate such a day. Apart from the obligatory stone wedding card, you can look around for a beautiful gemstone that boasts the Hebrew name sapphire.

Sapphire is the perfect gift for a 65th wedding anniversary – you can choose from several shades that can adorn the hand of the birthday girl.

Whether you don’t know how to gift your parents or family friends in celebration of a stone wedding, we have an interesting tip for you.

Our recommendation is as follows.

Collect photos or other precious items and create a photo collage that will remind the celebrants of their life, full of wonderful moments.

This collage will show the celebrants how much the whole family loves them – plus, it is a gift that the couple can hang on their wall so they can keep all their children and grandchildren in sight at all times.

When giving such a gift, no eye will be left dry and you will see that it will be a priceless gift for the birthday boy or girl.

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