Grain: rye, wheat and barley at the wedding?

Wheat, rye and barley at a wedding? Are we crazy? On the contrary. The harvest is slowly fading, so why not use the harvest at your wedding?

wheat wedding
Corsage for the groom made of rosettes and grain, image source: {}

Wondering where you can use grain everywhere at your wedding? Besides wedding decorations, there are cakes and especially wedding bouquets that can be beautifully matched with other wildflowers and meadow flowers.

Corsages for the groom full of protruding ears also look beautiful. Plain and simple: rye, wheat and barley are the ideal decoration for a country or rustic wedding.

And trust us, if you have a creative photographer at your wedding, the grain field will certainly be put to good use too.

peony wheat bouquet
Wedding bouquet with peonies and wheat
wedding photo whey
A field full of rye can be used for wedding photography
sunflower bouquet
Barley and sunflower bouquet
wedding wheat
Wedding bouquet of wheat and dried flowers
grain napkins
Wedding napkins decorated with rye
wedding rings wheat
Grain can also be used for wedding rings
bundle grain
Snopes as a wedding ceremony decoration
camomile bouquet
Wedding bouquet with cereal ears and chamomile flowers, image source {}

What about you, will you use cereal at your wedding too?

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