Calla lily wedding bouquet

We bring you a photo gallery of eight wedding bouquets made of calla lilies, bouquets that have been growing in popularity recently. This is because it is an exotic and novel flower that is perfect in appearance.

wedding bouquet pink calla lilies
Wedding bouquet of pink calla lilies

Different breeding of calla lilies has resulted in unusual colours and today it is possible to match the bouquet to more or less any colour. So there is certainly a choice for each of you.

You can have a bouquet made of calla lilies (also known as cornelian) combined with roses or tulips, but in our opinion a bouquet tied with only single calla lilies looks much better.

We must warn you, however, that calla lilies are generally one of the more expensive flowers and another flower arrangement based on this flower could get very expensive.

Bouquets tied only from individual calla lilies work best.

Try to consult a florist who has extensive experience in tying wedding bouquets.

He or she should be able to recommend which flowers can be combined together.

wedding bouquet of white calla lilies
Decent and delicate bouquet of white calla lilies
wedding bouquet white-purple calla lily
Distinctive bouquet of white calla lilies with purple means
bouquet of pink calla lilies dahlias and roses
Large bouquet combined of pink calla lilies and white roses
Bouquet of yellow calla lilies
Bouquet of deep yellow calla lilies
wedding bouquet of purple and white calla lilies
Purple and white wedding bouquet of calla lilies and tulips
orange-brown calla lilies at the wedding
Orange and brown calla lilies on the wedding table
wedding bouquet of blue calla lilies
Simple wedding bouquet of blue calla lilies
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