Stone Wedding

They say that love moves mountains. Sixty-five years together is a clear example of this – you are celebrating a stone wedding. This piece of life together shows a strong … Read more

Calla lily wedding bouquet

We bring you a photo gallery of eight wedding bouquets made of calla lilies, bouquets that have been growing in popularity recently. This is because it is an exotic and novel flower that is perfect in appearance.

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Forest wedding

Forest wedding

A wedding in the forest is the right wedding venue not only for incorrigible romantics and die-hard conservationists or rock hikers, but also for those who want their wedding day to have a unique atmosphere and be far away from the hectic hustle and bustle of civilization.

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Planning a wedding week by week

Wedding planner

Once you are engaged, it is high time to start planning the wedding. Sit down with your partner and talk about how your dream wedding day should go. Wedding planning must always have a clear order and structure, so we highly recommend getting a Wedding Diary to make your wedding preparation much easier.

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Honeymoon – advice and tips on where to go on your honeymoon

Relax on honeymoon

The weeks of arranging, choosing and organizing associated with your wedding are over. While all the effort has been crowned by that wonderful moment when you said YES to each other and began your journey through life together, you would surely like to celebrate the new beginning of life with a few days or weeks alone for two, somewhere away from all the everyday worries. It’s time to go on your honeymoon!

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How to give money as a wedding gift

How to give money wedding gift

Often, newlyweds inform their wedding guests about the preference of financial resources over tangible wedding gifts. If this is also the case for you and you are going to donate … Read more

10 unusual wedding cakes with the smell of wood

Layered cake on wooden plank

Are you tired of the same cakes that are seen at every other wedding? Do you prefer cakes with soul, with a natural touch, ideally smelling of wood and sap? Then our gallery of the ten most interesting wedding cakes based on natural wood inspiration is just for you.

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Wedding anniversary

Wedding anniversary their names

Preparations for a wedding usually take a long time and bring with them a lot of stress for both the newlyweds-to-be.

Nevertheless, most couples remember their big wedding day for the rest of their lives and therefore commemorate this beautiful day every year by celebrating their wedding anniversary.

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Wooden barrels at the wedding – unconventional wedding decoration

Wooden barrel on wedding

Recently, rustic, country or country-style weddings are very trendy. Straw and wooden decorations are the main elements that are ideal for this type of wedding.

After the previous success of our article on unconventional wooden cakes, we bring you wedding inspiration for using wooden barrels at your wedding and reception.

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