Forest wedding

A wedding in the forest is the right wedding venue not only for incorrigible romantics and die-hard conservationists or rock hikers, but also for those who want their wedding day to have a unique atmosphere and be far away from the hectic hustle and bustle of civilization.

And not only the bride and groom will never forget their wedding in the forest, all the invited wedding guests will surely remember this extraordinary experience as well.

forest wedding
A forest wedding – do you dare to have one?

Why get married in the forest?

  • Unique atmosphere
    This point does not need to be discussed too much. Any wedding that takes place outdoors has a special charm. And if the wedding ceremony even takes place in nature, where majestic conifers tower around, the experience is even more powerful.
  • True romance
    The beauty of nature captivates everyone. And a wedding day in the woods also offers a good dose of romance.
wedding ceremony in the forest
You can also organize a wedding ceremony in the forest
  • The magical scent of nature
    Fresh air, clean and fresh nature, moss carpet, sturdy tree trunks and needles. The authentic scent of the forest itself will set the right mood and bring peace and harmony to the souls of all the wedding guests.
  • Exceptional wedding photographs
    Nature itself has the most beautiful backdrops you could wish for. Moreover, if you can find a capable photographer, you will be rewarded with beautiful wedding photographs.
  • Plenty of privacy without prying eyes
    If you choose to get married in a castle, for example, you won’t avoid the often unwelcome public, as the property remains overwhelmingly open to the public.

For example, when taking photos in a castle park, it often happens that entire crowds of curious onlookers form. Nothing like this is likely to happen to you in the forest.

What to remember

  • Careful preparation and organisation of your wedding day
    To make a wedding in the woods a thoroughly enjoyable and perfect experience, it needs to be carefully organised. It can even be said that the preparations will be a little more demanding than a normal wedding in, for example, an office or church.
    On the other hand, it should be added that these efforts will be worthwhile and the reward will be a unique and unforgettable wedding day.
wedding in the forest
For a wedding in the woods, you can use numerous wooden and rustic decorations
  • Allow for possible rain
    As is the case with all outdoor weddings, you need to account for the vagaries of the weather and have a backup plan in place for when it rains or suddenly gets noticeably colder.
    Remember, even if the weather forecast calls for a hot sunny day, you may be unpleasantly surprised by a sudden thunderstorm.
  • Make sure you have the necessary permits
    You will definitely have a trip to the registry office to announce your intention to marry in the open air. And make sure you get the approval of the owner of the forest where your wedding will take place.
    Otherwise, you could be in for some unpleasantness that will completely ruin your wedding day.
wedding gate at fall wedding
Wedding gate at an autumn wedding
  • Don’t forget about transport to the venue
    If you’re driving, you’ll probably still have to walk the final stretch. If this is the case, inform the wedding guests in advance. And if the venue is fairly well “hidden” in the woods, you’d better include a pictorial map of how to get there.
    Remember also that there are usually barriers at the entrance to the forest; arrange their unlocking with the forest owner in advance.Wedding reception in the forest
wedding hostess in the forest
A wedding reception in the forest has a unique atmosphere
  • Keep repellent freely available
    A forest wedding could have a very unpleasant ending if one of the wedding guests falls ill with Lyme disease or tick-borne encephalitis.
    Therefore, make tick and mosquito repellent freely available for any forgetful guests to use.
  • Comfortable shoes
    Having the right shoes may seem like an unimportant detail, yet poorly chosen footwear can make a wedding day very uncomfortable.
    Especially the bride and other women should prefer, for example, comfortable bridal ballerinas or other more comfortable shoes instead of stilettos.
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