Wooden barrels at the wedding – unconventional wedding decoration

Recently, rustic, country or country-style weddings are very trendy. Straw and wooden decorations are the main elements that are ideal for this type of wedding.

After the previous success of our article on unconventional wooden cakes, we bring you wedding inspiration for using wooden barrels at your wedding and reception.

Wooden barrel on wedding
Wooden barrels at a wedding, image source: {Elizabethinlove.com}

Wondering where else barrels can be used?

  • Different tables – for cakes, flowers, for guests
  • as a substitute for a wedding tree – each guest can sign the barrel as a keepsake
  • as trash cans, lamps or as additional decorations

Where can I find barrels for my wedding?

If you don’t have someone in your area with an old barn or loft to house an old barrel, you can try approaching a winemaker who will have several suitable barrels.

Another option is to look at classified sites – you can find well-preserved pieces for great prices. If you don’t want to buy a barrel, you can just rent one for your wedding day.

Drinks on barrel
Drinks on a barrel, image source: {Intimate wedding}
Rustic use of wedding barrels
Rustic use of wedding barrels, image source: {Decoist.com}
Barrel with cake
Barrel with a cupcake, photo by: {FarmFormal}
Barrel as an indicator
Barrel as a wedding ceremony indicator, image by: {Michaelandannacosta}
Barrel on ceremony
Wooden barrel at wedding ceremony, image source: {Deerpearlflowers.com}
Barrel with refreshments
Old wooden barrel with refreshments, author photo: {Southernweddings.com}
Wedding snack on barrel
Wedding snacks on a barrel, image source: {Weddingchicks}
Cut up snack barrels

Slit wooden snack barrels, image source: {Weddingchicks}
Barrels planted with flowers
Barrels planted with flowers, image source: {WeddingChicks}
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