10 unusual wedding cakes with the smell of wood

Are you tired of the same cakes that are seen at every other wedding? Do you prefer cakes with soul, with a natural touch, ideally smelling of wood and sap? Then our gallery of the ten most interesting wedding cakes based on natural wood inspiration is just for you.

Wooden wedding cake with country shoes
A simple cake, especially suitable for country lovers.

What do you need to make the cake?

Just a skilled woodworker or woodsman and a pair of western boots 🙂

The second of the cakes that you unfortunately won’t get to eat. In addition to the cut logs, you’ll need faux woodland-themed decorations, ideally with these cute toadstools.

Layer wooden cake decorated with flowers

Do you have old wine or other beverage barrels lying around your house? Try having those barrels repurposed into this unusual cake.

Wedding cake from empty barrel

A set of three small white cakes decorated with twigs, flowers and moss. All of course set on a wooden base.

Three small cakes decorated with flowers

Now let’s move on to the picture from the beginning of this article. This is a fully edible cake, if you ignore the wooden base. The top of the cake is clearly dominated by a distinctive floral decoration.

Layered cake on wooden plank

The largest of our selection of wooden cakes – don’t let the pictures fool you, this original cake is fully edible and the work of a skilled pastry chef.

Five layer wedding cake made by birch

Again, one of the non-edible cakes, the creators made do with birch bark, which they planted with fresh green moss and plant decorations. source: weddingchicks.com

Three layer birch and moss

Another cake that looks like it’s made of real wood, but the mistake of the bridge – again, it’s made in the workshop of skilled pastry chefs and is thus all edible.

Layer cake with wood imitation

Here, the makers have gone for simplicity and created a three-tier cake that sits on a tall pine tree. They then chose smaller sunflower blossoms as additional decoration.

Cake decorated with sunflowers on wooden planks

This is the simplest of all the cakes shown. The pale yellowish cake is again set on a wooden base.

Small one layer wedding cake

Wooden figures on the wedding cake

If you like wooden wedding cakes, you don’t have the courage to get them for your wedding, but would still like something natural on your cake. You can place wooden wedding figurines on top of the cake.

You can even simply make these yourself from wooden balls and paper rolls. You can then colour the figurines yourself as you wish, or if you already have children, you can let your little ones have a go at the figurines.

Wooden dolls on wedding cake

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