Where to wear wedding and engagement ring

Are you engaged or post-wed and wondering where you can wear your wedding and engagement rings and whether you can wear them together on the same hand?

Take a look at our short article to make your decision about wearing rings easier.

Where to wear wedding and engagement rings
You can wear your wedding and engagement rings together on just one finger

On which hand is the engagement ring worn?

  • The engagement ring is worn from the moment of engagement until the wedding on the ring finger of the left hand.
  • Placing it on the left hand is for a reason and that is the proximity of the left hand and the heart, which is meant to symbolize love and devotion to the partner in a figurative sense.
  • However, many brides-to-be wear the engagement ring directly on the ring finger of the right hand, leaving “room” for the wedding ring on the left hand.

Where to wear the engagement ring after the wedding?

You can see for yourself that it is a great shame to leave the engagement ring hidden in a drawer after the wedding. Therefore, you have several options where you can wear your engagement ring:

  • On the ring finger of your left hand together with your wedding ring (usually above it).

    The downside is that rings placed together will easily fade and not stand out as much as both rings placed separately. It may also happen that the rings will have a completely different look and will not fit together very well. You can keep this in mind beforehand and have custom wedding rings made.

  • On a different finger on the left hand (usually the middle finger).
  • On the right hand (usually on the ring or middle finger). In this case, the ring will stand out beautifully and can have a completely different look.

If you want to wear the ring on a finger other than the one it was originally made for, you may have to deal with resizing – here we recommend contacting the jeweller you bought the ring from. Many will resize your ring for free or for a small fee.

A ring should never be worn on the index finger, as this indicates a taste for power and leadership.

Where to wear wedding ring?

Wedding rings are worn by both women and men exclusively on the ring finger of the left hand. This is again due to the tradition of the left hand being closer to the heart. After the wedding, the bride can wear her engagement ring on the same finger.

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