Wedding hairstyle – what suits your hair length and face shape?

The bride-to-be has a number of tasks ahead of her. These include, for example, choosing a wedding dress, shoes and accessories, choosing make-up and a festive hairstyle.

Deciding how the final wedding hairstyle should look can be a real pain for many brides.

Wedding hairstyle
which hairstyle will you choose?

Usually, the hairstyle should meet several requirements – it should suit the bride, match the style of the wedding dress and the character of the wedding.

In addition, the hairstyle should easily last throughout the day, but still be comfortable and make the bride feel comfortable and relaxed.

Wedding hairstyles by hair length

The basic guideline by which a hairstyle for a wedding can be chosen is the length of the hair itself. Of course, there are many other aspects that also play a significant role in the choice of hairstyle – it depends on the nature of the hair itself (whether it is straight, wavy, curly, thick or fine), the shape of the face and the height of the figure.

Nevertheless, it is the length of the hair that a bride can start with when deciding on a hairstyle.

  • Hairstyles for short hair

    Even a woman with short hair can have an effective and respectable wedding hairstyle. The key is careful styling and the right choice of hair accessories.

    Rather than a classic veil, short-haired brides will look good with a crown, hat or fascinator, or other hair ornaments: jewellery, live or artificial flowers. A retro-style curl or a cute rebellious tousle can also be impressive.

    Wedding hairstyles short hair
    Wedding hairstyles for short hair – leave the hair rather loose
  • Hairstyles for semi-long hair

    Semi-long hair directly invites a variety of different wedding hairstyles. The hair can be completely or only partially loose, with a section pinned up with, for example, a rhinestone clip.

    Semi-long hair can be used to create both a smooth and loose bun, where the face is romantically framed by a few deliberately loose curled strands of hair.

    Wearers of this hair length do not have to worry about reaching for a classic veil, but nothing can go wrong with floral hair ornaments, a headband or a princess crown. If the woman has a mikado, an interesting hairstyle can be created by twisting the hair (but beware of the resulting shortening of the length).

    Wedding hairstyles medium-length hair
    Wedding hairstyles for semi-long hair – with them you don’t have to worry about flowers or pinned up hair
  • Hairstyles for long hair

    If a woman has long hair that is both thick and healthy, it will look beautiful loose, only gently curled into elegant waves. If it is also decorated with a floral wreath, for example, the bride will be transformed into an ethereal fairy. On the other hand, tying too voluminous hair up in a bun can be a problem, as such a hairstyle is too heavy and not easy to keep under control throughout the wedding day.

    A compromise is to clip or tie only part of the hair, it is the semi-loose hairstyles that usually suit such brides perfectly.

    They can also try a braided hairstyle, for example a French braid looks interesting. Long hair can be embellished with a few smaller flowers (live or artificial), delicate pearls, a pearl hairpin or a rhinestone comb.

    Wedding hairstyles long hair
    Wedding hairstyles with long hair – you can just pin it up slightly

Wedding hairstyles by face shape

Not all hairstyles suit all face shapes. That’s why I’ve prepared a list of hairstyles that fit your face.

  • Hairstyles for oval faces

    Oval face features: The face is longer than wide, the jawline is narrower than the transition between the hair and the forehead.

    Famous celebrities with this face shape: Jessica Alba, Beyoncé

    Do you have a symmetrical or oval face? Then you should be able to get different hairstyles and haircuts, you can also have a braid in the middle of your head, and you don’t have to worry about simple hairstyles.

    Hairstyles for a oval face
    Suitable hairstyles for oval face shape
  • Hairstyles for round face

    Round face features: The face is as tall as it is wide, the cheekbones are rather wider. Often this type of face is referred to as a baby face.

    Famous celebrities with this face shape: Selena Gomez, Kirsten Dunst

    Long, loose hair is more suitable, and you can have a braid on the side of your head. If you opt for pinned up hair, it should be loose and slightly wavy along the face.

    Hairstyles for round face
    Suitable hairstyles for a round face shape
  • Hairstyles for a rectangular face

    Rectangular facial features: The shape of a rectangular face (sometimes also long face) is similar to an oval face, but the chin is longer and more elongated.

    Famous celebrities with this face shape: Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler, Hilary Swank

    If you have an angular face, opt for hairstyles that visually elongate your face slightly and soften sharp features, so for example, cropped hair or bangs thrown to the side (flap). In the case where you want to opt for a ponytail, have it done on the side.

    Hairstyles for a rectangular face
    Suitable hairstyles for a rectangular face shape
  • Hairstyles for a triangular (heart) face

    Triangular face features: Your face has a narrow jawline, while cheeks with a forehead are wider.

    Famous celebrities with this face shape: Reese Witherspoon, Tyra Banks, Courtney Kardashian

    A side-swept bangs or a side-swept heel will suit you. You can also have your hair down and slightly wavy.

    Hairstyles for triangular face
    Suitable hairstyles for a triangular face shape
  • Hairstyles for square (square) face

    Square face features: Your face is dominated by a wide forehead and a square striking jawline.

    Famous celebrities with this face shape: Gwyneth Paltrow, Olivia Wilde

    Your hairstyle should be more voluminous, or with sleeker hair that allows the prominent features of your face to stand out. If you prefer loose hair, curl it, straight hair doesn’t suit your face shape.

    Hairstyles for a square face
    Suitable hairstyles for a square face shape
  • Hairstyles for a diamond face

    Diamond face features: Your forehead and chin are similar in shape and width, the shape of your face resembles a diamond.

    Famous celebrities with this face shape: Halle Berry, Ciara

    A hairstyle with a flapper’s hairstyle, hair loose and wavy from the middle of your head or, on the contrary, hair ironed.

    Hairstyles for diamond-shaped face
    Suitable hairstyles for a diamond face shape

Wedding hairstyles with veil

The wedding veil is used with regard to the wedding tradition, when the veil was supposed to protect the bride from evil spirits.

Wedding hairstyles with veil

Wedding hairstyles with a flower or wreath

The trend in recent years has been for more casual weddings, retro style weddings and boho weddings. For these weddings, flower or garland hairstyles are suitable. It makes the bride look almost ethereal…

Hairstyles with wreath and flower

Start doing your hair before the wedding

Conjuring up a beautiful hairstyle for a wedding also requires some preparation “in advance”. If your hair is weak, has split ends or is too dry and brittle, start paying extra attention to it a few weeks before the wedding.

Give your hair a regular hair treatment and proper nourishment, and have damaged ends trimmed. If you dye your hair, make sure that you don’t have unsightly growths on your wedding day, which would completely spoil the overall impression of an otherwise beautiful hairstyle.

Wedding hairstyle test
Don’t forget to try your wedding hairstyle in time

Wedding hairstyle test

Never forget the wedding hairstyle rehearsal. Believe me, this step is not worth skipping. Only with a hairstyle trial will you be sure that your chosen wedding hairstyle will really suit you, will actually be able to be created from your hair and you will feel comfortable in it. This will avoid unnecessary stress on your wedding day.

If you are still unclear about your choice of wedding hairdresser, we recommend you visit our section of vetted wedding hair and makeup artists.

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