Wedding ballerinas – the perfect shoes for your wedding

Every woman has been thinking about her wedding day since she was a little girl. She dreams of how her wedding might look, chooses her wedding dress, flowers, cake, and even shoes in advance.

And it is the wedding shoes, specifically the bridal ballerinas, that we will focus on in the following article.

Pink wedding ballerinas
Pink wedding ballerinas, image by {}

Comfort comes first

Just like the wedding dress, the shoes should be comfortable first and foremost. You simply can’t do without them.

After all, there’s nothing worse than having your wedding ruined by uncomfortable shoe scuffs and blisters. Thus, one of the most comfortable and therefore most suitable shoes are wedding ballerinas.

You know Melissa, Mel and Zaxy ballerinas?

These, recently very popular brands have started offering shoes that are not only very comfortable, but available in light pastel colors (even the very popular old pink), often embellished with bows. They are thus perfect for weddings and wedding merrymaking.

They have thus become a hit not only among brides, but also among bridesmaids and other female wedding guests.

If you do want to wear heeled shoes, try ballerinas on wedges, which combine the advantages of ballerinas and heeled shoes.

Ballerinas melissa zaxy
Ballerinas Melissa and Zaxy

Advantages of ballerinas that everyone can appreciate

Unlike high heeled pumps, wearing ballet flats brings with it several advantages.

They are:

  • comfortable
  • light and stackable
  • available in many different styles
  • cheap

First and foremost, it’s about superior comfort throughout the day. In fact, wedding ballerinas are so comfortable and lightweight that you hardly feel them on your feet.

The elegant and romantic look of bridal ballerinas can further enhance the beauty of your wedding model.

Another indisputable advantage is also the foldability. In fact, if you want to take them off, you can easily hide them in your handbag, for example.

You would hardly do that with high-heeled shoes.

Lace wedding ballerinas
Lace wedding ballerinas

Ballerinas are also suitable for women who can’t walk in heels or are uncomfortable wearing high shoes.

If you also belong to this group, do not despair, you are definitely not the only one who will prefer the comfort of bridal ballerinas at the wedding – shoes suitable for bridesmaids, especially for those of a shorter age.

These low boots will also be reached for by many a taller bride who won’t want to be taller than her husband-to-be at her wedding.

Recently, lace and embellished versions of this popular shoe have become increasingly popular.

The elegant and romantic look of bridal ballerinas can further enhance the beauty of your wedding model. Moreover, you can also use these shoes for other occasions such as proms and social events.

Moreover, wedding ballerinas are available in all possible colors and sizes. Thus, even the most discerning bride has to choose.

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