Naked cake – wedding cake without icing

Naked cakes have experienced an incredible boom in recent years. Gradually, this trend is making its way to our weddings.

So let’s take a look at what a naked cake actually is.

Naked wedding cake
Naked vs. classic cakes – which one would you choose?

Naked cakes – am I crazy?

Unbelievably, I haven’t. Bare, naked cakes are cakes without a top layer: icing, marzipan, fondant.

It is just a body, usually joined together, sometimes with fondant, which is further decorated with sprinkles, fruit or flowers.

The body can be in different colours, from the classic yellow, to brown, to unusual colours such as turquoise – so it depends on your agreement with the confectioner what colour layers you choose.

These wedding cakes are often made in tiers, where the layers are placed on top of each other in a sort of haphazard manner, and the problem is not even the partially oozing icing connecting the layers of the cake.

It is the more casual layering that gives the cake an unusual and interesting impression – some tiered wedding cakes are even built crooked and at first glance it looks like the cake has to be flipped over at any moment.

OUR TIP: Naked enough is great for a boho-style wedding, for example.

Less sweet, still tasty

Among the undeniable advantages of naked wedding cakes over classic cakes I can include the following:

  • it is lighter (in weight and digestibility)
  • not as sweet
  • easier to prepare
  • it should be cheaper
  • it has an unconventional and unusual look 🙂

Moreover, many people don’t like marzipan and so this quite expensive ingredient often goes uneaten by guests.

Moreover, a cake without icing gives a much lighter and “dietier” impression and most guests (even with a full belly) simply can’t resist trying the cake.

Naked cakes can also be beautifully coordinated with other floral and wooden decorations – cakes placed on solid wood look especially stunning.

Naked cakes with fruit

Okay, I’ve forgotten about the icing and marzipan, but how do you decorate a cake without making it look austere and unappealing? That’s what fruit and flowers are for.

Strawberries, currants or berries: blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, these are exactly the kind of fruits that will complement your cake.

The cake can be topped with chocolate, caramel or caramel icing, often just a light dusting of icing sugar.

Recipe for naked cake

If you’re interested in the recipe, it’s pretty simple, you create the cake body and then join it together with the cream. For both recipes I provide video instructions.

Since I know a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ve put together pictures of naked cakes for your inspiration.

Naked cake three layers
Tiered cake without icing decorated with flowers, ,image source: {}
Small naked wedding cakes
Naked mini wedding cakes, image source: {}
Pair naked wedding cake
Tiered naked wedding cake with figs, image source: {}
Naked cake decorated with flowers
Naked cake decorated with large Protea flower, image source: { }
Naked wedding cake with nuts
Naked wedding cake with nuts
Naked three layer white brown green wedding cake
Naked three layer white brown green wedding cake
Dark naked cake with strawberries
Dark brown naked cake with frosting, with strawberries
Layered wedding cake with berries
Tiered naked wedding cake with berries
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