How to give money as a wedding gift

Often, newlyweds inform their wedding guests about the preference of financial resources over tangible wedding gifts. If this is also the case for you and you are going to donate money, come with us together to see how to wrap and donate money in a funny way.

We can probably all agree that simply gifting money in an envelope is too drab and impersonal.

Especially if you are very close to the newlyweds, it is advisable to at least take a moment to think about gifting money and try to come up with a more original way than simply handing over a white letter envelope.

How to give money wedding gift
Not sure how to give money as a wedding gift? We will give you advice!

How much money to give as a wedding gift?

The amount depends on your financial situation, of course, but also on how close you are to the newlywed couple. the closer you are, the more the donation amount is expected to be higher.

At a minimum, however, it should be an amount that covers the expenses per person that the couple had to invest in your participation in the wedding.

1. Pirate’s Chest

Probably all of us have longed to find a treasure at least once in our lives.

Although the newlyweds have already found their true treasure in each other, it is still possible to give them a true “pirate” chest full of gold.

The chest can additionally be filled with sand, complete with seashells and other decorations. And believe that such a chest full of sand, it will make a big splash :).

To make the money in the chest look like real gold coins, we recommend placing polished coins in it.

If you don’t feel like cleaning each of the coins by hand, you can try soaking them overnight in hot water with dissolved washing powder.

Map to wedding gift
A map to the saved wedding treasure

If you want to take this idea a little further, you can bury the chest somewhere near the wedding reception venue and the couple will be tasked with finding the chest either with the help of a map, clues or using a metal detector.

2. Umbrella – let it rain only luck

A beautiful and original idea is also a colorful umbrella that the couple will get clouded. When it is opened, a surprise will be waiting for them inside in the form of money tied on coloured ribbons.

Apart from the interesting surprise moment, the bride and groom can also use this decoration for a photo shoot with the wedding photographer.

3. Wedding date – original wedding gift made of banknotes

The wedding date has great symbolism for some couples. So why not take advantage of this for giving a financial wedding gift as well?

Will the couple be getting married on 1.8.2018?

Give them three bags or boxes tied together and place coins and banknotes in them in the following composition: 1st bag (1x 1 CZK), 2nd bag (8x 1 CZK), 3rd bag (1x 2.000 CZK + 1x 10 CZK + 8x 1 CZK).

As you can see, together these amounts give the wedding date :).

4. Money as a picture

Paintings or frames in which money is aligned and arranged in different (looking) patterns are also an original idea.

You can also combine the money with a painted or framed photo, i.e. gifts that will serve as decoration after the wedding.

5. A bouquet, a tree full of money

If you have decided to gift a bouquet or a smaller tree, you can have it decorated with money, which can hang from the tree as fruits, for the bouquet can complete the overall look.

6. Inflatable balloons

You can either place the money inside the balloons or you can tie it to the balloons using ribbons and confetti. Additionally, if you fill the balloons with helium, they can also serve as wedding decorations.

7. The cake doesn’t have to be sweet

There will definitely be plenty of sweet desserts and cakes at the wedding. So let’s do it differently.

Make a tiered wedding cake out of toilet paper, out of towels or for couples with young children, a cake out of diapers. You can accessorize this “cake” with colorful ribbons, photos and of course money.

8. Butterflies

Paper notes can easily be folded into accordions, which can be tied with a ribbon in the middle to create butterflies. These can be placed on a bouquet, tied to a kite or on the aforementioned inflatable balloons.

9. Car full of money

The title of this tip probably scared you, but quite unnecessarily. We are referring to a small model car, but it must have one very important detail, namely an opening trunk.

When it is opened, folded banknotes and coins jump out at the recipient.

10. Three Nuts for Cinderella

One of the most famous and popular fairy tales probably needs no description. How about taking inspiration here and opening three large nuts (ideally called papyri) in a non-violent way, hollowing out their contents and replacing them with folded money.

11. Photo album not only for photos?

You can completely break the common idea that a photo album is only for photos by filling it with something much more valuable, namely banknotes. This way, the couple will get two gifts in one – a sum of money and a wedding photo album.

Piggy bank wedding gift
Piggy bank as a wedding gift for the newlyweds – you can make it yourself

12. Piggy banks, money boxes and money boxes

Everybody had a piggy bank in their childhood. Why not give one of these to the newlyweds to save for their honeymoon?

And you don’t have to stick to just pigs, you can get a variety of money boxes and money boxes for the newlyweds.

In the worst case scenario, opt for an envelope, but only one that is specifically made for gifting money.

13. Suitcase not only for the holiday

A suitcase full of money is everyone’s dream.

Whether you buy a large suitcase or a children’s suitcase, we recommend preparing a smaller puzzle for the gifted in the form of a code lock.

You can set the code to, for example, the wedding date, the date of acquaintance or other number combinations directly linked to the couple.

Let them earn their money!

14. Occasional and themed gifts

Is the future husband a tractor driver or the bride a nurse? There is nothing easier than to buy a tractor with a trailer in a toy store and on it to straighten rolls of money symbolizing wooden logs, or to fill sterile syringes (additionally accompanied by the text: financial injections) or urine tubes just with money.

As you can see, there are definitely no limits to creativity and it’s up to you whether you take the trouble to prepare some original cash donations or settle for handing over money in an envelope.

Personally, we lean towards the first option accompanied by a card, poem or short text.

And what about you, do you have any original and funny way to hand over money at a wedding? Share with us in the comments.

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